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Chef Giovanni Leopardi: menu greco al Med di Delhi


Steeped in ritual, Greece’s culinary tradition incorporates mountain village food, island cuisine, exotic flavours introduced by Greeks from Asia Minor, influences from various invaders & historical trading partners. The essence of Greek Cuisine lies in its freshness & its simplicity that brings out the rich flavours of the Mediterranean. The majority of Greek dishes are mainly seasoned with, salt, pepper lemon, olive oil & oregano, while parsley, garlic & dill are also widely used. Vegetables, pulses & legumes are made tastier by plentiful use of olive oil & herbs.All are very simple recipes – the secret lays only in the quality of ingredients, so we went out of our way to procure the best available inn the market for you to savour.                 Enjoy!


Horiatiki Salata

Romaine, tomato, kalamata olives, feta cheese, peperoncini, onions and cucumbers

Fasolakia Salata me Tono

Green bean salad with Tuna


Eggplant, Halumi Cheese Croquettes

Kftedakia me ouzo

Lamb meatballs with ouzo sauce

Feta sto fourno me rigani

Baked Feta Cheese with oregano and olive oil


Arnaki Soupa Avgolemono

Lamb Soup with egg and lemon


Chick pea Soup with greek spices


Kolokythakia Yahni

Stewed Zucchini with tomato sauce & cheese

Melitzanes papoutsakia apo ti Lesvo

Sweet Cheese stuffed Eggplants ‘Lesvos Island Style’

Fasolakia me domata kai feta

Green beans with tomato and Feta cheese

(All served with spinach and feta rice)


Greek flatbreads

Kalamata olives,feta cheese,artichokes,onions

Oregano tomato garlic

Shrimp, kalamata olives ,halloumi cheese, basil

And octopus

Grilled chicken , capers,chilli peppers,feta& halloumi

And roasted eggplants

Meats and Poultry

Kotoupolo avoglemono

Chicken Fricasse with a lemon & egg sauce

Arni sto foumo me saltsa yiaourtio

Baked lamb with yoghurt sauce


Succulent combination of fried aubergines, delicately spiced minced lamb and rich cheese sauce

Hirino me prasa

Pork chops with leeks, celery & spring onions finished with egg & lemon sauce


Htapodi sta Karvouna

Grilled Fresh Octopus

Garides Saganaki

Baked Shrimps with pepper, tomato & ouzo finished with feta



Phyllo Pastry rolls filled with nuts & soaked in citrus sugar syrup


Honey, Walnut & Sesame Wafers


Milk & Raisin Pie flavored with orange rind