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Vincenzo Reda, some words in english (biographical notes and some about my art)

Vincenzo Reda

Biographical notes.

He was born in Sila, mountain in the south of Italy, and now lives and works, from 1960, in Turin.

MiHe works in publishing and writes about  history, wine and food on very important magazines and web-sites in Europe.

He has been intensely active in  theatre and  photography (important shows like “Rayoghaphs and pictures lumieres”, Turin 1976 and “Il diavolo ti vuole” – The devil wants you – with painter Bruno Chiarenza, Turin 1980) and in the avant-garde cinema (“Ogni corpo occupa un suo spazio” – Every body occupies its space – con Plinio Martelli – Venice, Biennial of art cinema, 1976).

Since 1993 he has been painting on paper, cloth and glass using wine, red and white, exclusively. He paints only by night and his obsession are glasses, different shapes of glasses.

He showed his art works all in Italy, in India and in Usa.

Some of his works are on display in Usa, South Africa, Germany, Brasil and Russia.

He is a Grand Master of the” Order of the Vine Leaf.”

He is married from 1990 and has an adopetd  indian daughter, Geeta, from Mumbay (adopted in 1998,  she was born in 1992 ).

He says:

“ Wine is made to be drunk.

And naturally I drink wine and I like it very much.

Sometimes, particularly at night, after having drunk some, I spread it on certain types of paper , and wait for the miracle to happen, because it is certainly a miracle. But sometimes I need to wait days, weeks and sometimes months. I work with lots of patient to allow that miracle to happen as I expect, and to form shapes and shades as I desire.

Wine is not only a colour or a simple drink. Every wine is a story that starts from the flaking of rocks in geological times, continues with the evolution of the climate and growth of a tenacious but delicate plant, and concludes the start of another story, this time populate by people.

I am not only a painter who paints with wine.

Also, I am not only a painter.

Who am I?

Maybe italian poet Aldo Palazzeschi or Marcel Duchamp could me give that answer”.


“I think there is a great difference between a craftsman and a real artist.

An artist lives his obsessions and his art works, have magic stream embedded in people feeling.

My obsessions are the glasses (I immagine a glass like a tree: with roots, trunk and leaves; from the earth to the sky…), and the stains on white, when I am painting I immagine to steel some white.”

Vincenzo Reda by Fabio Carisio, Art & Wine

IMG_8969Born in 1954 on the green Sila plateau in Calabria, since 1960 he has

lived and worked in Turin. After obtaining a diploma as an assistant

director in 1975 with Adriano Cavallo (Orson Welles’s assistant) at

the Experimental Centre of Dramatic Art in Turin, in 1976 he shot an

experimental body-art film with Plinio Martelli entitled “Ogni corpo

occupa un suo spazio” (Every body occupies a space of its own).

Presented at the Venice Biennial, it is now owned by Gam. Until 1983

he dedicated himself to photography, radio and literature, writing

unconventional poetry and books on wine. He then came up with the idea

of painting with wine. Since the first show in 1998 on the Isle of

Elba, he has exhibited in many Italian cities, but also in the USA and

India, and has created labels for fine wines. His works have been

purchased by Italian and foreign collectors. His wine chessboard on

crystal was used in the Chess Olympics in Turin in 2006.

P1040939He combines the ingenious intuition of painting using wine – mostly

reds (cited by type, vintage and cellar) – with a congenital flair

sharpened through a multitude of disciplines. This has enabled him to

approach visual art with the creative originality and technical skill

that are essential for overcoming the inherent difficulties in the

material. He has focused on stylized figuration, drawing on informal

suggestion to create polymorphic identities subject to multiple

semantic interpretations. His work “The flame” was displayed in 2009

at the Radisson Hotel in New Delhi.

Reda arte 1 i

Vincenzo Reda su Indianexpress

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Art Alive
The décor at The Med at Radisson, Delhi, also stands out because of the unique art on the walls. The Mediterranean restaurant, that opened where Italianni’s once was, has put together 15-paintings made with wine. Surprised? Created by artist Vincenzo Reda, the regular water-colour sheets have been splashed with distilled grapes. “Each painting takes months as the artist studies the history of each wine before using it. The colour scheme is varied by storing wine at different temperatures, for several days till it gets different densities of colour,” says Chef Giovanni Leopardi, who heads the kitchen. “Hopefully, by this year end, Reda will also hold an exhibition of his latest wine artworks at this restaurant.”