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Vincenzo Reda by Fabio Carisio, Art & Wine

IMG_8969Born in 1954 on the green Sila plateau in Calabria, since 1960 he has

lived and worked in Turin. After obtaining a diploma as an assistant

director in 1975 with Adriano Cavallo (Orson Welles’s assistant) at

the Experimental Centre of Dramatic Art in Turin, in 1976 he shot an

experimental body-art film with Plinio Martelli entitled “Ogni corpo

occupa un suo spazio” (Every body occupies a space of its own).

Presented at the Venice Biennial, it is now owned by Gam. Until 1983

he dedicated himself to photography, radio and literature, writing

unconventional poetry and books on wine. He then came up with the idea

of painting with wine. Since the first show in 1998 on the Isle of

Elba, he has exhibited in many Italian cities, but also in the USA and

India, and has created labels for fine wines. His works have been

purchased by Italian and foreign collectors. His wine chessboard on

crystal was used in the Chess Olympics in Turin in 2006.

P1040939He combines the ingenious intuition of painting using wine – mostly

reds (cited by type, vintage and cellar) – with a congenital flair

sharpened through a multitude of disciplines. This has enabled him to

approach visual art with the creative originality and technical skill

that are essential for overcoming the inherent difficulties in the

material. He has focused on stylized figuration, drawing on informal

suggestion to create polymorphic identities subject to multiple

semantic interpretations. His work “The flame” was displayed in 2009

at the Radisson Hotel in New Delhi.

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