Vincenzo Reda Curriculum Vitae in english


I was born in a small village (Calabria), in 1954 during the harvest. Since 1960 I  moved to Turin.

I obtained the diploma of assistant director in ’75 with Adriano Cavallo (help of Orson Welles) at the Experimental Center of Dramatic Art of Turin with apresentatation  of I morti senza tomba by J.P. Sartre;

I worked at the Gobetti theater as stage director and lighting director for Federico Garcia Lorca’s La calzolaia admirabile.

In ’76 with Plinio Martelli I shot the experimental body art film Every body occupies its own space that was presented at the Venice Biennale in 1978, and is now owned by the G.A.M.(Gallery of Modern Art) in Turin.

Then until 1983 I did many photography exhibitions, of which the most important in 1980: The Devil wants you, performance with Bruno Chiarenza, presented for the first time at the Postino Cheval in Via Palazzo di Città.

Between 1976 and 1978 I had important experiences at Radio and TeleTorino International and, above all, at Radio ABC Italiana, of which I was Artistic director and for which I made several transmissions and wrote original texts.

Between 1979 and 1996 I directed companies, of which I was a partner, in the field of communication and publishing.

In the two-year period 1989/91 I held the position of Vice President of the Young Industrialists of Turin and, in 1993 and 1995, I was National Vice President of the AIPE (Association of small Italian publishers). Between 1996 and 2011 I worked as a consultant for the magazines : Prima Comunicazione, Oasis, Airone, Archeo and Medioevo, as well as numerous exhibitions (Ancona, Turin and Cosenza).

I started writing about wine and food in 2003.

In 1989 I published my first book: a volume of experimental poetry Caccole and tentlalia

Since 1993 I have been painting with wine on paper, fabric and crystal. In 2009 I publisheda new Book titled PIU O MENO DI VINO for Edizioni del Capricorno.

In 2010  a new book titled Quisquilie & Pinzillaccherewas released for Graphot types.

In 2011 I published for Newton Compton 101 Mayan Stories that you should know before the end of the world.

The same book was distributed by Focus Storia in November 2012, reprinted for Gruner-Mondadori.

In 2012 Rime Sghembe was released by Graphot. In July 2013 by Edizioni del Capricorno: Di vino e altro ancora. For Castelluccio Editore, 2016 the release of Sulle ali del Barolo by Gianni Gagliardo whose illustrations I took care of.

Between 2013 and 2016, with the national newspaper La Stampa, I published Il Peperone, 35th Piedmontese Festivals and The White Truffle of Alba.

On December 28th 2014 I participated in Mela Verde, Tv Canale 5, interviewed by Edoardo Raspelli.

In 2016, National Japanese TVteam came to Italy to film me fo a Special exclusive program on Wine and Wine Painting.

I began to exhibit my paintings at Capo Liveri (Isola d’Elba) in 1998; I was invited to participate in the main events related to wine in Italy and I exhibited in many Italian cities.

I have permanent exhibitions at the restaurantsLi Jalantuumene, Monte S. Angelo (FG) and L’Ostu Duca Bianco of La Morra (CN).

I exhibited in the USA in 2008/2009 and in New Delhi in 2009/2010.

I have alsopainted many  labels for important wines and some of my works have been purchased by collectors from India, USA, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, China and Japan.

The Piedmont Region has dedicated a monograph to me and the Radisson in New Delhi has printed a book with my works exhibited in India. The Air India magazine dedicated a page to me in 2010.

My chess board of wine on crystal was used for the Chess Olympics in Turin in 2006.

Last year I presented Italian food and wine in Hanoi (Vietnam), hosted by the Italian-Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce.

Currently I write for the professional magazine Barolo & Co and in Focus Storia.

I personally give lessons and courses in  history of food and wine at Eataly Lingotto.

I am a consultant for the communication of some important wine producers.

I have been married since 1990 and I have an Indian daughter, adopted in 1998 (born in Bombay in 1992)

Vincenzo Reda – Via Piave, 9 –  10122 Torino

Tel/Fax: +39011 18893288   Cell: +39335 5358828

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